SPC predicts that the super-efficiency of the water-filled Heat |Pipes and their expected longevity will make them the first choice for specifiers in the Middle East and other parts of the world where high temperatures and humidity make extreme demands on air-conditioning systems.

Water is more efficient at transferring heat when compared to the refrigerant fluids commonly used in Heat Pipes, and it does not carry the acknowledged global-warming potential of such fluids; in fact it is environmentally neutral.

Heat Pipes are the solution of choice for many industries when it comes to providing dehumidification and heat recovery. They transfer heat between airstreams, or between points in the same airstream, in a highly efficient manner. Internal temperature differences within Heat Pipes are practically zero and they are thermal super-conductors.

The heat transfer is achieved via a working fluid that boils and condenses at opposite ends, transferring heat from end to end as it does so.

When comparing water to refrigerant the obvious benefit is that water has no polluting qualities, but it is also important to note that water is more efficient at transferring heat because it has greater fluid thermal conductivity and higher latent heat, both of which minimise temperature drops within the Heat Pipe.

Only SPC offers this innovative water Heat Pipe manufacturing process. Its Heat Pipes cool buildings and control humidity across the globe, creating comfortable, healthier spaces to live and work, while offering energy savings so dramatic that installation costs can be quickly recovered.

Sudeep Sethi, managing director (Middle East and Asia) of SPC Heat Pipes FZC, said: “Our technological breakthrough offers a more efficient, more environmentally-friendly way of saving energy and improving air quality in buildings.

“Our Heat Pipes also increase the level of moisture removed by air-conditioning systems, lowering the humidity within an interior space and, therefore, making it a healthier place in which to live or work.

“At SPC, we have pioneered the next step forward in the evolution of the Heat Pipe.”

NASA originally developed Heat Pipes to cool the space shuttle; other applications now include the aerospace, electronics and air-conditioning industries.

SPC has been supplying Heat Pipe systems to the HVAC industry for more than 30 years. It is a major supplier to local government, and the health, education and commercial sectors.